Weld Australia’s Advanced Welder Training Hub 

Training of welders has not really evolved much since its inception – until recently.

In today’s digital world, disruptive technologies have started to play a key role in training of tradespeople. Old-school training techniques are being replaced with innovative methods that rely on augmented and virtual reality systems. 

Weld Australia’s Advanced Welder Training Hub will highlight some of the most modern and effective technologies being used today to train welders faster, better, and safer.

Augmented and virtual reality training systems are student-focused, allowing individuals to progress at their own pace. Welding novices and up-skillers alike learn and understand welding procedures and techniques through a more interactive training method, gaining hands-on experience in a controlled, safe environment.

With zero risks involved, students can respond to realistic scenarios without pressure or fear of injury. Augmented and virtual reality training is enabling future welders to acquire the skills and the self-confidence they need before moving to learning in real world workshops.

Visit Weld Australia’s Advanced Welder Training Hub at Stand F137 to try your hand at welding on an augmented reality or virtual reality welding simulator. We guarantee you a lot of fun, and even hardened cynics will be unable to resist the temptation of trying to better their score. And the best part is, no welding experience is necessary!