Setting the stage for the next industrial revolution is the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).  IIoT is driving unprecedented disruption in the manufacturing industry. More machines are embedded with sensors, switches, intelligent controls — making factories smarter, improving operations, reducing costs and providing a safer workplace.

The Industrial Internet of Things Zone at National Manufacturing Week will display the latest IoT software and solutions. It will provide unique business opportunities to manufacturers who want to position themselves as leaders in the markets.

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The adoption of Internet of Things in Australia's manufacturing industry can achieve potential annual benefits of A$50-88 billion over a period of 8 to 18 years.


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Christopher Vains, Head of Digital Enterprise, Siemens

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David Chuter, CEO, IMCRC

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Neil Clarke, National Technology Facilitator for Entrepreneurs Program, AMTIL

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Dr Steve Dowey, Technology Manager, Sutton Tools and Senior Industry Fellow, RMIT