The rapid emergence of Industry 4.0 implies that manufacturing is shifting towards high-level engineering. Engineers need to redesign processes and operations to accommodate new advances for increasingly smart manufacturing facilities. The $100 million Advanced Manufacturing Fund announced by the Australian Government in 2017 has been driving innovation in Australia's manufacturing sector, including investment in student research at universities and technology institutions to maintain engineering excellence.

Supported by Engineers Australia, the Engineering Zone is reflective of the importance of engineering in modern manufacturing. The exhibition floor will display the latest manufacturing equipment and tools relevant to a broad cross-section of engineering disciplines, and the comprehensive conference program will highlight design and process improvement approaches in manufacturing.


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1 in 5 jobs created in the past year have been in manufacturing, but the industry has changed, moving away from factories, as it is still perceived, to higher-level engineering.


Metal 3D printing: A recipe for success

Alex Kingsbury, Managing Director, Additive Economics and James Woolcock, Founder & Engineering Director, Bastion Cycles

Additive Manufacturing: A key enabler for an internationally competitive, local manufacturing sector

Ben Michelfelder, Business Development Manager, Conflux Technology – Agent for EOS

Autodesk Advance Steel: Automated generation of the NC and DXF files of your structure model

Deepak Maini, National Technical Manager, Cadgroup Australia

Translation of designs to manufacturing: Tools to improve your competitive advantage

Jeff Malone, Head of Operations, D+I Melbourne

The Maintenance Team, from necessary cost to a great investment

Simon Murray, Managing Director, Your Maintenance Coach

Achieving a single source of performance truth

Tim Odokeychuk, Director, Focusivity

The Internet of Things Makes Manufacturers Smart and Connected

Sandy Le Roux, Principal Consultant, Epicor Business Solutions Group, ASIAPAC

ISO 18404, an International Standard for Lean Manufacturing

Dr. Arash Niavarani, Director, CBIS