A report by the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre shows that top-performing manufacturers have an automation rate on average 1.3 times more than that of less successful companies. Adding automation and robots to a production system has the potential to drive a step change in Australia's manufacturing competitiveness and productivity.

The Automation & Robotic Zone helps discover cutting edge new technologies and find solutions to manufacturers' automation challenges. The conference program will help understand and gain knowledge in manufacturing automation, expansion of robotics, and current challenges and opportunities of this field.  

Robotic technologies are forecasted to boost Australia’s productivity and national income by (up to) 2.2 trillion AUD by 2030.


Artificial intelligence & technology in manufacturing: Broad trends and our priority as a nation

Dr Alan Finkel AO, Australia’s Chief Scientist

Augmented Reality for high value manufacturing processes

Allan Thompson, PTC Technical Manager, LEAP Australia

Evolution and future of robotic manufacturing in Australia

Dr Elliot Duff, Principal Research Consultant, CSIRO Data61

The transformative power of digital technology: Steel fabrication & installation

Des Watkins, Owner, Watkins Steel