8 Mar 2016

How could your business prosper with the help of Australia's national science agency? Among the many highlights of this year's National Manufacturing Week (May 11 - 13, Sydney Showground - Sydney Olympic Park) is an offer from Dr Keith McLean, CSIRO's Manufacturing Flagship Director, that CSIRO stands willing to investigate opportunities for partnering with local businesses to develop capabilities that help open up new, high value niche markets.

National Manufacturing Week (NMW), Australia's largest, longest-running manufacturing event, brings the industry together to see, touch and discuss solutions that open up new horizons for business. This year's event will feature a strong Seminar Theatre program, with industry leaders including Dr McLean sharing their insights and expertise.

Dr McLean comments that the CSIRO already works with more than 400 businesses each year, helping develop new materials, processes, prototypes and other advances that generate business growth. The agency has achieved successes for companies in a broad range of industries, including manufacturing, advanced manufacturing (especially solar and defence applications), biomedical, food and agribusiness, using a range of different partnership models.

"Ultimately, CSIRO supports the take-up of transformational technology in Australia’s manufacturing industry, through the development of devices, integrated systems and new business models," comments Dr McLean. "At NMW, I will be seeking to connect with businesses looking to advance their capabilities, with a view to creating new partnerships that can open up more possibilities for Australian business."

Also presenting in the NMW Seminar Theatre is NMW is Linsey Siede, high-profile head of Automotive Supplier Excellence Australia. Linsey has been working closely with automotive suppliers and other companies seeking new markets for their products and services, and sees diversification as a vital element in every business' strategic toolkit.

"The heart of a company’s business model should be diversification. This is not just the invention of new products and services, but the ability to systematically convert ideas into new offerings that take the company into new and profitable market sectors," Linsey comments.

How? Linsey comments that the star quality, consistently evident in companies that successfully forge new paths, is strong management and leadership.

"Our ongoing assessment of Australian companies reveals that strong leadership impacts to a greater or lesser extent on all areas of their business. But nowhere is its impact stronger than in the areas of innovation and diversification."

"Of course, you need a robust strategic plan that outlines the vision and goals for the company, along with an operational plan. But above all, it seems that success starts at the top. Strong leadership is what's needed to take the required actions, make the right investments in people and resources to bring innovative ideas to full bloom," Linsey comments.

Linsey's NMW presentation will focus on strategies that have helped companies expand into new markets: providing a rare and very practical guide for companies who are seeking to diversify and prosper.

Alongside its highly topical Seminar Theatre program, NMW will also house a showcase of hundreds of new and innovative products from around the world.

Laid out in 12 Product Zones, including Advanced Materials, Digital Manufacturing and Sustainable Manufacturing, the NMW showcase will present solutions that can help businesses develop capabilities that give them a competitive edge.

NMW 2016 will also focus on emerging opportunities through its co-location with the Safety First Conference & Expo, Australia's one-stop workplace safety event, as well as Inside 3D Printing Conference & Expo, the Sydney edition of the world's largest 3D printing event. Inside 3D Printing will give industry a first-hand look at how 3D printing is revolutionizing manufacturing, packaging, aerospace and other industries with opportunities to engineer new products more quickly, locally and innovatively than ever before.

NMW, held only once every two years in Sydney, will take place from May 11 - 13 at Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park. Entry is free for trade visitors and registration is now open at nationalmanufacturingweek.com.au. By registering now, you'll access a range of services, including updates via the NMW website for this year's game-changing event.

For details visit www.nationalmanufacturingweek.com.au