7 Mar 2013

Amazing Super Health is a wholly Australian company providing people with health & fitness products for 15+ years. Designed in Australia to scientific specifications to ensure it is safe for the human body, the medical VIBRO TRAINER is the ultimate Health & Fitness product that caters for hard working and busy people of all ages and abilities. In 10 minutes you can complete a full body workout, whatever your ability. No other exercise can provide such a great balance of the 5 elements of fitness – Strength, Agility, Power, Flexibility and Endurance. An efficient, effective alternative to increase whole body strength, muscle tone and bone density. It can accelerate recovery and rehabilitation. By targeting the whole muscle and core strength, plus strengthening muscles around joints, it is optimum for injury prevention. With increased circulation to the whole body it assists focusing attention and stress management. The VIBRO TRAINER is low impact, providing minimal bearing on joints and features a high quality motor (3HP high torque motor for the Commercial / AC variable speed motor for the Deluxe Commercial) and a heavy duty oscillating system with an independent driver system at each end for longer life capacity. Vibration Training benefits are obvious and a fantastic addition to Corporate Health Programs. The vibration feels more natural with an amplitude of 1.5mm and is better for you. Other original massage products, heat packs, ice packs, gel insoles and Soles orthotics are available to assist people achieve healthy lifestyles. Keeping everyone working and productivity high.

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