7 Mar 2013

Apex Dynamics launch the P II series® ‘second generation P series’ at NMW 2013. Following on from the success of the Apex Dynamics P-series planetary precision servo gear boxes, Apex have chosen NMW 2013 to launch the ‘second generation’ P_II series®. This completely new product is format compatible with the first generation P series but at the same time great care was taken to produce a gearbox of outstanding smoothness, quietness and low friction, attributes which make the new P_II series® a standout product in the marketplace. Precision is enhanced by utilising laser welding and patented bonding techniques during manufacture. In addition, all P_II series® gearboxes feature revised gear carriers, gear tooth profiles, input oil seals, input clamp and gear casings. These enhancements endow the new P_II series with class leading smoothness, quietness, efficiency, ultra low moment of inertia, low backlash and reduced weight. The new input clamp ensures perfect alignment and dynamic balance coupled with higher clamping force. State of the art gear profiles give an approximate 50% reduction in noise across the range. Alloy end caps coupled with a new hardened and honed ring gear give maximum accuracy, strength and reliability coupled with low weight. This has all been achieved alongside a major reduction in rotating mass, giving a low moment of inertia suitable for demanding, highly dynamic, drive systems and a reduction in static friction. Like all Apex Dynamics products the new range is lubricated for life, maintenance free and carries a comprehensive 2 year warranty. The new P_II series® leverages a cost effective, light weight, performance solution for ultra high precision servo systems and general precision engineering applications which require a step down or step up gear solution. The Apex adaptor system allows fitment to just about any servo motor and using our free online tool, selection is accurate and easy!

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